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  • love is a laserquest

    Do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now
    Or darling have you started feeling old yet?
    Don't worry I'm sure that you're still breaking hearts
    With the efficiency that only youth can harness.

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    just a small town girl. Living in a racist, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,

    (cant take the midnight train ‘cause im fuckin scared)


    people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience


    I completely lost my sense of humor when I realized offensive things aren’t funny so now I just rely on heavy sarcasm and everyone thinks I’m a dick


    My mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So I guess I’m a circle.

    did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion by 0%


    imagine a world where all living beings coexist with each other, like you go to the market and a bear is packing your groceries. You drive home and you see tulips playing soccer, that’s the world i wanna live in.

    me dieting Day 1:
  • okay I can do this!!!!!!
  • Day 2:
  • am I skinny yET??! I THINK I JUST LOSE 10 lbs
  • Day 3:
  • WOW I look so HOT now
  • Day 4:
  • I want pizza *but still on diet *
  • Day 5:
  • who cares I'll die anyway i'll eat whatever i want
  • horanyewest:

    first things first i’m a princess

    I used to build dreams about you.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald (via sassyfag)


    ordering food is so stressful


    "Where is my Edward Cullen?"

    "Where is my Damon Salvatore?"

    "Where is my Christian Grey?"

    For your sake, jail I hope.